Corporate Tax Return - EFILE

Canadian corporations are required to file a T2 Corporate Income Tax return within 6 months of every fiscal year-end date even if the company is inactive and/or does not have tax owing. Penalties for late filing are at the discretion of the CRA and can be a significant amount of money.

Corporate Income Tax Return (T2/AT1/CO17)

  • Preparation of the federal corporate income tax return (T2) as well as provincial returns (where applicable) including all supporting schedules. All returns are transmitted to CRA by EFILE.
  • Most returns are prepared for a fee of $800 + GST/HST. Fees may vary for corporations with more complex activity.


Optionally add the following services:

Notice to Reader Financial Statements

  • Suitable for most loan or financing applications
  • Serve as official financial records for board of directors and shareholders
  • Notice to Reader financial statements start from $300 + GST/HST (notes to the financials not included)


Bookkeeping/General Accounting

  • Final closing entries and adjustments (accruals, dividends, salaries, depreciation, personally-paid business expenses, tax provision, etc)
  • Assessment of required dividends/salaries to clear shareholder loan
  • Review of third-party prepared trial balance
  • Fees on an hourly basis at $60/hr + GST/HST


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