Canadian Corporate Income Tax Returns

Completion of T2 Corporate Income Tax Return and appropriate tax handling of:

  • Calculation of income for tax purposes
  • Small-Business Deduction
  • Taxation for Investment Income and Personal Services Businesses (PSB)
  • Loss continuity, including carry forward and carry back of losses
  • Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) 
  • Dividends
  • Reporting of related companies
  • Provincial Corporate Tax Returns (Alberta AT1, Quebec CO17) 
  • International transfer pricing and management fees
  • Non-resident tax consultancy and filings

See more details about corporate tax here.


Sales Tax Returns (GST/HST/PST/QST) 

Completion and electronic filing of sales tax returns (monthly, quarterly, annually) for both federal taxes (GST/HST) as well as applicable provincial sales taxes (PST/QST).

Engaged in cross-border business?

Did you know that, even without a physical presence in the US, regular sales to US customers may trigger tax filing requirements with the IRS? Know your filing requirements before they're due and understand the rights afforded to you under the Canada-US tax treaty. Contact us to discuss your obligations under the following scenarios:

  • Regular sales to US customers
  • Employee travel into the US
  • Storage of inventory at a US facility
  • Set-up of physical locations and operations in the US

Also find out whether setting up a US company is right for you. Consultations are available to help with US registrations as well as tax planning, transfer pricing/management fee issues, and mandatory reporting of intercompany transactions.

Foreign company doing Business in Canada?

Foreign companies doing business in Canada may have special reporting obligations in Canada, such as income tax or sales tax filings. Consultation is available on these compliance requirements, privileges afforded by tax treaties with Canada, as well as the following international tax issues:

  • Transfer pricing
  • Cross-border, inter-company transactions
  • Management fees